Musiklinjen Kapellsberg

Folk music

The folk music programme at Kapellsberg is a fulltime one-year programme with a possible extension to two years. As a student, you will gain great opportunities for development with a very generous offer of individual lessons and with most of the subjects immediately related to folk music. This will give you unique chances to study for five of the foremost Swedish folk musicians. 

Folk music teachers

Daniel Ek – guitar
You advance your abilities to play Swedish folk music for guitar or string instrument in individual lessons with accompaniment, harmonization, technique, with playing tunes and playing in different voices. Tuition is provided for guitar, mandola, cittern, and mandolin. Your teacher is Daniel Ek. He is a musician, a teacher, and he is known from groups like Ranarim, Sofia Karlsson Band, and Ahlberg, Ek & Roswall.

Emma Ahlberg Ek – fiddle
You advance your abilities to play in the Swedish folk music tradition in individual lessons and in group lessons. Tuition is provided for fiddle, flutes, song, keyed fiddle and different string instruments. Your teacher is Emma Ahlberg Ek. She is a riksspelman for Medelpad tunes and an award-winning musician known from groups like Ahlberg, Ek & Roswall, Hilleviensemblen and Folk All-in Band. 

Emma Härdelin – song
Grew up in Kluk in Jämtland and Delsbo in Hälsingland. Born into a folk music family and the Härdelin tradition, Emma started early with singing and violin playing. Emma has studied folk singing for Maria Röjås at Malung Folkhögskola and now belongs to one of our most appreciated folk singers. She has been active and toured around the world in the groups Garmarna and Triakel since the early nineties.

Niklas Roswall – nyckelharpa
You advance your abilities to play the nyckelharpa in individual lessons where we work with both repertoire and technique, as well as expression. You may also learn to play older types of nyckeharpa. Your teacher is Niklas Roswall, riksspelman and nyckelharpa world champion. He is known from groups like Nyckelharporkestern, Ranarim, Carr & Roswall, Marine & Roswall, Ralsgård & Tullberg kvartett and Ahlberg, Ek & Roswall. 

Ulrika Bodén folk – song
You advance your abilities to sing Swedish folk music in individual lessons where we work with folk sound and style in your voice, learning traditional songs, blue notes, herding calls and lilting. Your teacher is Ulrika Bodén, a versatile musician who with her delicate and powerful voice is among the foremost folk singers in the country. 

  • Learning tunes and songs
  • Individual lessons 
  • Playing in a folk music group
  • Arranging folk music
  • Herding music
  • Folk music history
  • Seminars about folk music
  • Archive project
  • About being a musician
  • Folk dance
  • Guest teachers
  • Leading/working in a group
  • Classical music theory

Apart from the teachers above, you will also meet guest teachers from the Swedish folk music elite, earlier years: Kajsa ”O’tôrgs-Kaisa” Abrahamsson, Jonas Brandin, Per Gudmundsson, Magnus Gustafsson, Anders Norudde, Sara Parkman, Kristine Westt, Thomas Andersson, Markus Falck, Mats Berglund, Mia Marine, Jonas Simonsson, Anders Eriksson, Håkan Olsson and Urban Andersson.

There will be a lot of concerts and dance evenings during the year, both at school and in the area which has both local spelmanslag, folkdanslag and several folk music venues.

Information and application

1 year
100 %
Application deadline

This course will be held in Swedish, so you’ll have to be able to understand Swedish to get through the course.

Spring semester 2021:
January 11 – June 18
Fall semester 2021:
August 30 – December 17
Spring semester 2022:
January 12 – June 17
Fall semester 2022:
August 29 – December 16
Spring semester 2023:
January 9 – June 16


After the closing date, we have continuous acceptance if there are places left.

The application is in Swedish. If you need help with your application or more information, please contact us.

Helén Lundquist-Dahlén
+4672 240 10 08

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