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New Education for Contemporary Dance

1 or 2 year program of training before the next step in dance.

Through intensive training and creation periods this dance program focuses on artistry, technique, creativity, sophistication and maturity. The program will have positive effects on a dancer’s confidence and abilities so each individual can successfully move forward with their career in the dance field.

Every student gets a personal mentor directly from the dance field. The education works in strong connection to one of Swedens international dance companies “Norrdans”. Former students have moved on to higher educations, young companies or professional apprenticeships in Norrdans. We also collaborate with IlYoung.

The education is in english.


Course objective

The program will give you the best possible conditions for continuing with your career in the dance field. Today’s choreographers want dancers who can be creative, who are personal in their design language and can improvise material to a choreography. In the program you also get help with contacts to higher education in and outside of Sweden.

Course content

  • Contemporary dance (6-9 h/week)
  • Graham (4-6 h)
  • Ballet (6-9 h)
  • Improvisation (1,5 h)
  • Contact improvisation (1,5 h)
  • Improjam (1,5 h)
  • Composition (1,5 h)
  • African dance (1,5 h)
  • STOMP (0,5 h)
  • Producing with guest choreographers
  • Theme blocks (18 h total): Yoga, Jazz, Partner work, Acrobatics, Gaga, Theater, Voice Coaching
  • Physical training: Injury prevention (Pain Free, Safe Floor, Stretch), Strength Training (Horton technique, Cunningham technique), Cardio, Tai Chi.
  • Theoretical topics: Vaganova terminology, Dance history, Training science, Goal book work, Conception of life
  • Common arrangements at school (theme days)

Collaboration with Norrdans

The closeness to Norrdans gives us these opportunities:

  • Dancers as teachers and choreographers
  • Visiting guest teachers also comes to the school
  • Collaboration around “Windows”, display window performance in December
  • Collaboration on “Dansmix”
  • Students can freely see classes and rehearsals for performances
  • Students can sometimes take classes at Norrdans
  • If necessary, we can use Norrdans studio


The Teachers’ Team consists of Danielle Dietz (Teacher), Ian Butler (Graham teacher, Contemporary, Contact Provision, Choreographer and Reporter) and Sandra Sandberg (Exercise, Strength Training and Exercise Training). We have several guest teachers, including different dance teachers who visit Norrdans.

Uppdaterad: 2018-05-16
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